2017-2018 TUITION & FEES

Tuition fees are payable each month during the year.  ALL TUITION IS DUE BY THE FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH.  The tuition charges are as follows:


Number of ChildrenNumber of Days in ClassCharges
1 Child2 days a week (TTh- am)$100 a month
1 Child3 days a week (MWF-am/pm)$124 a month
2 Children Same Familyboth 2 days a week$184 a month
2 Children Same Family1 child 2 days a week & 1 child 3 days a week$207 a month
2 Children Same Familyboth 3 days a week$226 a month

1.  Special payment arrangements can be made with the Preschool Director.  However, if your tuition is not in by the due date, and you have not informed the Director as to why the tuition has not been paid, a $5 late fee will be added to your monthly charge.   If one month's tuition is not paid by the time the next month's  tuition fee is due (again recognizing that the Director has not been informed) you will be asked to remove your child from the class until fees are paid.
2. We do not give refunds for absences, except for the days your child may actually spend in a hospital.
3.  If parents are 15 minutes late picking-up a child, there will be a $5 late fee that is to be paid that day to the teacher for her inconvenience.  If you let us know in advance that there will be a problem picking-up your child we can make special arrangements and a late fee will not be charged provided it does not happen frequently.
4.  A written notice must be given two weeks in advance if your child is going to withdraw from the school.  If notice is not given, you will be charged for the extra two weeks.