Each Month Green-Oak Preschool Publishes a newsletter and calendar.  Click on the link below to view these publications (For security reasons monthly birthdays and the list of homeroom mothers have been left out of the online newsletter.  You can obtain a copy of the original newsletter from the Director anytime during the month.)

September Newsletter, Calendar & Curriculum

 September 2016 Newsletter

 September 2016 Calendar


October Newsletter, Calendar & T-shirt Sale Form


T-Shirt Sale

October 2016 Newsletter


October 2016 Calendar



November Newsletter & Calendar

November 2016 Newsletter

 November 2016 Calendar



 December Newsletter & Calendar

 December 2016 Newsletter


December 2016 Calendar


 January Newsletter, Calendar & Sub Sale Information

January 2017 Newsletter

January 2017 Calendar

Sub Sale Parents Letter Jan 2017

Sub Sale Form 2017




February Newsletter &Calendar

February 2017 Newsletter

February 2017 Calendar



 March Newsletter & Calendar

April 2017 Newsletter


April 2017 Calendar

April Newsletter & Calendar



May Newsletter, Calendar, Permission Slips

May 2017 Newsletter

MAY 2017 Calendar







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